What Safety Requirements are needed when you rent a crane?

Cranes are a type of heavy machinery that are used to carry heavy loads from one place to another. Many companies outsource when they are looking to rent a crane. It is highly important to ensure that you follow all safety requirements when you rent a crane.


Thoroughly inspect the Crane

When you rent a crane, you need to thoroughly check the crane in order to maintain the safety of everybody working with or near the crane. Check that everything is in place and that there are no flaws or irregularities with regards to the features or attachments.


Ensure the Crane has Regular Maintenance

The Crane should have undergone maintenance before you rent it. The maintenance should not end there, though. It should undergo maintenance when being used for a project to ensure efficiency and safety throughout its working period. The amount of times the crane undergoes maintenance on a project will differ depending on the length of time it is being used and whether or not it is damaged in the process.


Inspect all the Safety Mechanisms

The safety mechanisms on a crane include warning lights, collision sensors and even the aircon. You need to make sure that the crane you rent has all these features and that they are in working condition. The aircon may not seem entirely necessary but it is important for the comfort and safety of the crane operator.


Confirm that the operator is Qualified

A qualified operator is a major safety requirement when it comes to crane rental. The operator must be able handle the crane reliably in order to maintain the safety of everybody on the project. If they are not capable on operating the crane to standard, then it is wise to rethink your options and rent a crane elsewhere.

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