3 Important Steps for Safe Crane Hire

Crane hire is a serious matter. When choosing a crane to hire, you need to ensure it always has the necessary safety features in order to keep your employees safe. Safe crane hire can be done in a matter of three steps.


Choose the Right Rental Company

First and foremost, choosing the correct company is a crucial part of safe crane hire. Do a bit of research before you select a crane hire company. You can check online to see if there have been reviews on any of their pages or you can ask around. Word of mouth is how you’ll find most of your information. When you’re looking for the right company you need to make sure that they maintain their cranes well, that the operators have been trained rigorously, that they have the latest equipment and that they can confidently answer any question you may haveabout the machinery.


Check the Cranes

Don’t just take the companies word for it. It’s a good idea to go and check the equipment and machinery that you want to use to ensure that you are making a safe choice. You also need to ensure that the crane that you plan to hire can do everything that you require of it. There are many cranes to choose from and so it would be wise to speak to the operators to confirm the capabilities of each crane.


Know Your Environment

When it comes to operatingthe crane, it is important to know the terrain you will be working in to avoid risks and to keep the operators and other workers safe. The operator that you are working with from the crane hire company needs to be informed of the work that thy will be doing and the environment that they will be working in so that they can do their job efficiently and safely.

We Lift Anything

Use All Lift to get the job done. We have a wide variety of cranes to suit any purpose, some of the best in South Africa. We offer crane hire or rental, long term or short term in South Africa as well as Africa.

24/7 Reliability

Need a crane anytime of the day or night, long term or short term? Our dedicated staff can oversee any lifting project at whatever time required. We pride ourselves on our reliable customer service excellence.

Safety First

Operators are ALL qualified with updated operating licenses. Mobile cranes are up to standard with all certifications and inspections required in the mining industry.

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